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How Teachers Can Help a Moderately Dyslexic Child in the Classroom


3 Most Common Signs: 

  1. Phonetic/poor spelling

  2. Slow, choppy, inaccurate reading

  3. Difficulty remembering practiced information (letter names and sounds, sight words, their address, phone numbers, math facts).

4 Notable Gifts:

Can be:

  1. Athletic

  2. Musical

  3. Creative/Outside of the Box Thinker

  4. Very Social/Makes Friends Easily



6 Classroom Accommodations: 

1. Don’t have the student read out loud in class unless they raise their hand to volunteer.

2. Provide audiobooks and audio instructions during class. 

3. Give reduced spelling lists. 

4. Allow the child to answer verbally when checking on gaining of content is the focus. 

5. Do not keep the student in from recess to finish up classroom work. Reduce the assignment to accommodate.

6. Provide notes for the student rather than have them copy the notes themselves.


For further classroom instruction ideas, please contact our office at 406-671-9670.

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